Every Breath Matters, Every Life Matters

The Problem

Respiratory diseases and infections are the 2nd leading cause of mortality in the world and the #1 cause of mortality by communicable diseases.

Medical oxygen is an essential medicine that is delivered inefficiently in most healthcare settings by the products currently on the market.

In wealthier countries including the U.S. this inefficiency translates to increase costs, added staffing requirements, less access in underserved areas, and preventable adverse outcomes.

In emerging countries, it means that hundreds of millions of people do not have access to the most basic forms of life saving respiratory care. The pandemic exposed numerous gaps in the global healthcare system that need to be fixed. 

Current oxygen therapy market options result in:   

▸ Oxygen administered outside the recommended range. Too much or too little oxygen can both lead to severe outcomes.

▸ Wasted medical oxygen, which is expensive and a limited resource.

▸ A low clinician to patient ratio because the clinician must spend so much time with each device.

▸ More patients being put on mechanical ventilation than necessary.

▸ Longer length of patient stays (and associated increased costs).

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  • There was no shortage of Medical Oxygen?

  • Basic respiratory care devices were easy to use?

  • Getting on Critical care Ventilators could be delayed or avoided?

  • Basic care was easy accessible and available on time?

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Our Solution:

Our devices integrate the components required to provide Oxygen Therapy and include an intuitive user interface resulting in a cost-effective solution for patients who need respiratory support, but who do not require a mechanical ventilator to breath.

  • Innovative Products

  • Smart Algorithms

  • Comprehensive Monitoring

  • Easy to Use & Clean

  • Cost Effective

  • Clinical Proven Therapy

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