Let Us Fight This Together

Every Life Matters, Every Breathe Matters

The spark that started our mission at Amptron Medical was a report from the WHO that stated that 1 out of 6 childhood deaths globally, approximately 880,000 per year, are due to respiratory distress and that this number could be greatly reduced by increasing accessibility of basic respiratory care. 

Our Founder and CEO, Nirav Patel, developed several solutions to address this problem through UCLA Anderson’s School of Management Executive MBA program where it won the award for the best capstone project in the Spring of 2020. The capstone team conducted primary and secondary research and refined the business plan. 

When COVID-19 started, the pandemic exposed numerous gaps in the healthcare system, most notably in respiratory care. These gaps still need to be addressed and Amptron has pivoted to address the largest gaps that can be addressed in the shortest time frame. We are developing the next generation respiratory care platform to address these weaknesses.  

Our seasoned leadership has the industry experience needed to bring innovative lifesaving respiratory products through the regulatory process and to market both in the U.S. and internationally. 

Awards and Key Events:

2020: Awarded the Entrepreneurial Excellence Capstone Award by the BCO Awards Committee, UCLA Anderson School of Management Business

2020: Venture UCLA Anderson Accelerator: Awarded the Muse Innovation Award and $25,000 Grant from the UCLA Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

2021: Signed key strategic partnership with Indian based Max Ventilator

2022: Accepted into the inaugural cohort of the UCLA Health TechQuity Accelerator

We have learned that there is a global shortage of life-saving respiratory devices. 

- The ratio of respiratory support devices to ICU beds is far too low to handle the capacity needed in the pandemic, even in developed countries. Emerging countries are in a worse state.

- There is a shortage of trained medical staff to operate complex respiratory devices like ventilators; hence there is a need for simpler and more innovative devices.

- 50% of ventilators reserved in the federal stockpile in the United States were not functional due to lack of maintenance.

- Less invasive modes of respiratory therapy that were less commonly used before COVID-19 were found to be safer for COVID-19 patients

- Two years into COVID-19, medical oxygen scarcity is still costing lives. Moreover, medical-grade oxygen is expensive; even developed countries like the United States were exposed to a severe shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Seasoned Leadership:

-15+ Respiratory Patents

-Launched 20+ Medical Devices in Global Markets

  • Medical Device R&D

  • Manufacturing

  • Clinical Research

  • Medical Finance

  • Medical Consulting