• 2023: Named to the UCLA Bruin Business 100

    The Bruin Business 100 recognizes exceptional UCLA alumni entrepreneurs. These alumni are founders, owners and visionaries in business that have inspired innovation and expanded the Bruin network.

    2023 UCLA Bruin Business 100 
  • 2022: UCLA Health TechQuity Accelerator

    UCLA Health is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in patient care. TechQuity offers an opportunity for early-stage companies at intersection of the clinical excellence and regional connectivity. TechQuity's purpose is to improve health outcomes in underserved and vulnerable patient populations by supporting mission-driven startups.

    UCLA Health TechQuity 
  • Venture Accelerator at UCLA Anderson

    Amptron Medical Awarded the Muse Innovation Award and $25,000 Grant from the UCLA Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

    Venture Accelerator at UCLA Anderson 
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  • Amptron’s R&D is based out of the US and this will enable Max to obtain US and other global certifications.

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  • Max Ventilators partners with US-based Amptron medical with plans to enter International Market.

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  • Max Ventilator partners with Amptron Medical

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  • Before COVID-19, a UCLA Anderson Executive MBA team developed a low-cost ventilator to deploy amid the pandemic.

    Meet our Team 
  • Some of the world's most exciting startups have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • MBA Startups To Look Out For: UCLA Anderson's Amptron Medical

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Amped Up

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has resulted in at least 100,000 deaths in the U.S. and disrupted the global economy. “Ventilators” is a trending buzzword as companies like General Motors, Ford, General Electric and Virgin pivot to produce the devices. Patel and Sevanesian explain how their approach to ventilators is so different.

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